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Guest Blogger: Neela!

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Welcome to Screw the beaten path! We are changing some stuff around here. I’m Neela and I will be writing from now on. Recently, a lot of things have been changing around us, due to COVID19 and a lot of… Continue Reading →


The BIG Trip: 6 months on the road

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In the end, we made it to every state on the perimeter of the continental US with the exception of North Dakota. You can find our detailed itinerary here. If you want to know what it was like to roam around the… Continue Reading →

Setting this circus down – how we landed in Benicia, CA

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“We go rolling down this highway  Chasing all our crazy dreams  I’ve gone your way and you’ve gone my way  And everywhere in between  One of these days we’ll find a piece of ground  Just outside of some sleepy little… Continue Reading →

Leaving Stinson Beach

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And just like that, as suddenly as we landed in Stinson Beach, we are leaving. Let me start by saying that I believe our lives are divided into chapters. Sometimes the chapters in our lives come to an end because of… Continue Reading →

5 weeks in Georgia – check out the video!

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What to do when you’re stuck at a lake in Georgia for 5 weeks? See for yourself! And if you’re wondering how we ended up in Georgia in the first place, check out this post.

Why Atlanta??

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Call it making the best of a bad situation. Call it turning lemons into lemonade. I call it screwing the beaten path 🙂 It’s summer, the kids are out of school and we live at the beach, which should mean… Continue Reading →

Where we landed: Stinson Beach

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It’s been 3 months since we returned from our trip and the re-entry has been… ummm…  challenging. Our decision to “screw the beaten path” was the best decision we’ve ever made, and yet in some ways it’s made our life… Continue Reading →

6 months on the road: Check out the video!

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Wondering what it was like to roam around the country in an RV with 2 kids for 6 months? Well here you go!

Life on the road: crossing West Texas, New Mexico & Arizona

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Much as we love traveling around the country, neither of us love spending long days actually driving. Because of that, we’ve limited our driving to around 150 miles (about 3 hours) on driving days, which works well for us and… Continue Reading →

A Texas Thanksgiving

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Some places (like Door County or New England) we visit because we’ve always wanted to go there. Some places (like Hilton Head or Watkins Glen) we go because someone told us that it’s their favorite place. And some places (like… Continue Reading →


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Food. Music. Art. OMG it was so amazing that 3 nights wasn’t enough. After 3 nights, we decided we had to spend 3 more nights. And even then, we didn’t want to leave! Highlights The food!! We ate ourselves silly –… Continue Reading →

Bahamas Part 1: Cruising versus camping

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Cruising or camping – which is your favorite? Why choose a favorite? I say do both. This past week we took a break from life in the motorhome to move into EVEN SMALLER quarters aboard Royal Carribean’s Majesty of the… Continue Reading →

Soaking up the sunshine in Florida

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I recently wrote about our approach to trip planning and how every destination we visit is someone’s favorite place. Throughout the country, we heard campers talk about a state park called Fort De Soto in Florida that was absolutely amazing – for a few,… Continue Reading →

Seven days in Savannah (and Hilton Head)

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I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah, and I finally got my chance! Our campground (Skidaway Island State Park) was amazing – a natural beauty filled with wetlands, meadows, and giant old trees with Spanish moss dangling from every branch. During our… Continue Reading →

The big New England blog post

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We’ve been in New England for 12 days and I’m going to try and sum it all up in one post. So… get yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable – by the time you’re done, you’ll either be booking… Continue Reading →

Why I refuse to optimize

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Throughout this trip, I’ve heard from locals many times: “Oh, if only you’d been here last month!” or “Summer is really our best season – you should have been here then!” I’ve also heard folks say, (once we’re in the… Continue Reading →

Burlington, VT

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We pulled in late to Burlington, and as we drove past car dealerships and strip malls, I was wondering if we were in the wrong Burlington – it didn’t look like the quaint, charming town that my friends had described…. Continue Reading →

NYC: Little kids in the big city

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Just when we’ve gotten thoroughly adjusted to our new life on the road, we decided to shake it up with a trip to NYC. What a change from the life we’ve been living! We booked a hotel in Midtown (which… Continue Reading →

Watkins Glen – not just a racetrack

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Most people think of Nascar when they hear about Watkins Glen – but we got to see a totally different side of this town in upstate New York. As I searched through Yelp reviews to find the best place to go in… Continue Reading →

Life’s a beach in Lake Erie!

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After we left Amish Country, we were looking for somewhere roughly 200 miles away to spend the night. A quick look at the map, a flip through our “Best Camprounds in America” book and a couple Yelp reviews later, we found… Continue Reading →

Falling for Fall

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Mahmood and I have come to the conclusion that summer is the most under-appreciated season in California. I think it’s because most places in California are open year-round. Think about it – even the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk is open… Continue Reading →

Indiana Dunes

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As we searched for a destination between Door County, WI and Cincinnati (where we were due to meet up with some of my cousins) we stumbled upon Indiana Dunes State Park. The park is on the south shore of Lake… Continue Reading →

We heart Door County!

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I’m not sure how I heard about Door County, but when we found ourselves in Wisconsin, I figured we should check it out. All I can say is wow – I can’t believe that I’m not hearing about this place… Continue Reading →

Simplify this – aka the beginnings of minimalism

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You may have seen my earlier post about why Mahmood and I decided to quit our jobs and travel the country in an RV. But there’s another reason why I was so excited about it. Imagine everything you own in a giant… Continue Reading →

Huh, wha?

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That’s the reaction I get from most people when I tell them that Mahmood & I are quitting our jobs to travel around the country in an RV for an indefinite amount of time. There are lots of reasons why we… Continue Reading →

Last stop: Northridge!

And just like that, we’ve made our last stop before heading home. From Coachella Valley, we headed to LA to visit my family in Northridge. We stayed with Grandpa Coke, and met up with Aunt Vicky, Uncle Rich, Uncle David, and… Continue Reading →

A quick weekend in San Diego

We love San Diego, and we had planned to spend at least a week there during this trip, but with Christmas coming, we were running out of time quickly. Still, I couldn’t stand to be in Southern California without visiting my favorite… Continue Reading →

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