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The BIG Trip: 6 months on the road

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In the end, we made it to every state on the perimeter of the continental US with the exception of North Dakota. You can find our detailed itinerary here. If you want to know what it was like to roam around the… Continue Reading →


Setting this circus down

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“We go rolling down this highway  Chasing all our crazy dreams  I’ve gone your way and you’ve gone my way  And everywhere in between  One of these days we’ll find a piece of ground  Just outside of some sleepy little… Continue Reading →

Leaving Stinson Beach

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And just like that, as suddenly as we landed in Stinson Beach, we are leaving. Let me start by saying that I believe our lives are divided into chapters. Sometimes the chapters in our lives come to an end because of… Continue Reading →

5 weeks in Georgia – check out the video!

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What to do when you’re stuck at a lake in Georgia for 5 weeks? See for yourself! And if you’re wondering how we ended up in Georgia in the first place, check out this post.

Why Atlanta??

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Call it making the best of a bad situation. Call it turning lemons into lemonade. I call it screwing the beaten path 🙂 It’s summer, the kids are out of school and we live at the beach, which should mean… Continue Reading →

Where we landed: Stinson Beach

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It’s been 3 months since we returned from our trip and the re-entry has been… ummm…  challenging. Our decision to “screw the beaten path” was the best decision we’ve ever made, and yet in some ways it’s made our life… Continue Reading →

6 months on the road: Check out the video!

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Wondering what it was like to roam around the country in an RV with 2 kids for 6 months? Well here you go!

Last stop: Northridge!

And just like that, we’ve made our last stop before heading home. From Coachella Valley, we headed to LA to visit my family in Northridge. We stayed with Grandpa Coke, and met up with Aunt Vicky, Uncle Rich, Uncle David, and… Continue Reading →

A quick weekend in San Diego

We love San Diego, and we had planned to spend at least a week there during this trip, but with Christmas coming, we were running out of time quickly. Still, I couldn’t stand to be in Southern California without visiting my favorite… Continue Reading →

Coachella Valley: Indio, CA

After meeting up with friends in Palm Springs, we decided that we needed a few more days in the sunshine before heading back to San Francisco.  Unfortunately, after a few phone calls I learned that most of the RV parks around here don’t… Continue Reading →

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