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Leaving Stinson Beach

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And just like that, as suddenly as we landed in Stinson Beach, we are leaving. Let me start by saying that I believe our lives are divided into chapters. Sometimes the chapters in our lives come to an end because of… Continue Reading →


Why Atlanta??

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Call it making the best of a bad situation. Call it turning lemons into lemonade. I call it screwing the beaten path 🙂 It’s summer, the kids are out of school and we live at the beach, which should mean… Continue Reading →

Where we landed: Stinson Beach

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It’s been 3 months since we returned from our trip and the re-entry has been… ummm…  challenging. Our decision to “screw the beaten path” was the best decision we’ve ever made, and yet in some ways it’s made our life… Continue Reading →

Life on the road: crossing West Texas, New Mexico & Arizona

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Much as we love traveling around the country, neither of us love spending long days actually driving. Because of that, we’ve limited our driving to around 150 miles (about 3 hours) on driving days, which works well for us and… Continue Reading →

Bahamas Part 1: Cruising versus camping

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Cruising or camping – which is your favorite? Why choose a favorite? I say do both. This past week we took a break from life in the motorhome to move into EVEN SMALLER quarters aboard Royal Carribean’s Majesty of the… Continue Reading →

Why I refuse to optimize

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Throughout this trip, I’ve heard from locals many times: “Oh, if only you’d been here last month!” or “Summer is really our best season – you should have been here then!” I’ve also heard folks say, (once we’re in the… Continue Reading →

Falling for Fall

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Mahmood and I have come to the conclusion that summer is the most under-appreciated season in California. I think it’s because most places in California are open year-round. Think about it – even the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk is open… Continue Reading →

We heart Door County!

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I’m not sure how I heard about Door County, but when we found ourselves in Wisconsin, I figured we should check it out. All I can say is wow – I can’t believe that I’m not hearing about this place… Continue Reading →

Gratitude – AKA we get by with a little help from our friends (and family)

Everyone has family and friends, but I think that ours are the best. Seriously, we have an amazing group of family and friends who take such good care of us and have helped make this trip happen. The RV we’re using… Continue Reading →

BENDing the rules

Yes, this was supposed to be a road trip adventure in our motorhome. Yes, we were planning to “rough it” for the next several months. BUT… when our friends offered us their amazing house in Sunriver (which is perfectly located… Continue Reading →

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