I’m not sure how I heard about Door County, but when we found ourselves in Wisconsin, I figured we should check it out.

All I can say is wow – I can’t believe that I’m not hearing about this place all the time. Door County is absolutely gorgeous. It is, by far, the most picturesque place we’ve visited so far. I’ve been to beautiful places before, I’ve seen breathtaking views, I’ve been in adorable little towns with quaint streets and cute stores. The difference for me is that in Door County, every single road belongs on a postcard (and Door county is a big area). And it isn’t beautiful because it’s perfectly manicured – it’s beautiful in its rugged naturalness. It’s amazing to me that the plants and trees here can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero during the winter, but apparently they do. I’d continue to describe how awesome/gorgeous Door County is, but you can just check out the pictures. Let me just say that if you have a chance to come here, you should.


  • Traditional Wisconsin fish boil – Delicious, and the kids loved watching them boil the fish!
  • Biking around – every road was gorgeous!
  • Whitefish Dunes State Park – we spent an afternoon playing in the sand on the shore of Lake Michigan
  • Getting our lunch delivered by train at PC Junction in Bailey’s Harbor
  • Swimming at our campsite (thank goodness for the indoor pool!) and making friends over a serious game of keep-away (kids versus grownups)
  • The Butter Burger from Culver’s!  We have a rule – if we must eat fast/junk food, it should be local fast/junk food. Culver’s is a local Wisconsin chain – burgers and frozen custard and the Butter Burger was delish!
  • Cave Point County Park – the rock formations were awesome – if we had spent more time here, I would have loved to see the view from a canoe.
  • Our campsite here – Frontier Wilderness – was by far the most beautiful campsite I’ve ever seen. Our site was surrounded by lush trees and greenery. Add an indoor pool and awesome shower rooms to the mix, and I’m sold. This campground is my favorite so far.
  • Taking advantage of the drop-in childcare in Sturgeon Bay so we could enjoy a kid-free day! Getting a little break from the kids (and the kids getting a break from us) has proved crucial to keeping harmony in the motorhome. We made friends over lunch with a fun group of guys who were in town for the Door County Century Bike Ride. After some good conversation, a traditional Wisconsin old-fashioned, and a few shared photos of our kids, we took a selfie for the blog…
  • More freezing temeratures called for another movie night inside the motorhome! This time it was Old Yeller. (Spoiler alert!) I guess I didn’t remember that they shot Old Yeller because I was horrified when they pulled out the gun. Either way, the kids absolutely loved it and are already asking to watch it again.


  • For the past 3 days, the high was 50 degrees, with temperatures dropping to the high 30s at night. Did I mention that I’m not much of a cold-weather person? Did I mention that I (apparently) didn’t pack long johns for myself, of even a pair of long pants for Neela? Luckily, we were able to convince Neela that it’s cool to wear her brother’s jeans (they’re like “boyfriend” jeans… for a 5 year old.)

We’d love to stay here for another couple weeks (especially since it’s finally supposed to warm up!) but it’s time to move on. We’re headed southeast towards Cincinnati to catch up with some family!