As we left Cincinnati and headed towards the Northeast, we found ourselves in Northern Ohio’s Amish Country. The driving was beautiful – we passed farm after farm, along rolling hills and open fields. But when we arrived at our campground, it was anything but rustic… with a huge indoor heated pool/spa and enormous game room, it was absolutely perfect for us!

This was a quick stop – just 2 days – but we still managed to squeeze in quite a bit!


  • Hershberger’s Farm: we spent an afternoon at this Amish farm and store. The kids got to pet and feed all kinds of baby animals (including the goats on the roof!) and they even got to ride a pony. Later we all took a buggy ride, which was very exciting for the kids, since we had been seeing them all over the roads.
  • Lunch at Mrs. Yoder’s kitchen: when we asked around for the best place to eat, Amish and non-Amish were unanimous – we MUST go to Mrs. Yoder’s. At first I was worried that it was a tourist trap, but when we pulled up, there was a huge “parking” area for horses & buggies and there were lots of Amish people eating there. The food was awesome – our favorites were the fried chicken and the “Poor Mans Steak”. I also discovered mustard eggs – it’s like a soft-boiled egg that’s been pickled in mustard – I absolutely loved it.
  • Beautiful country roads. All the roads were so beautiful and serene. One morning I jogged around the area and the roads just seemed majestic (except for the horse manure, of course). Perhaps it’s because there are fewer cars. Perhaps it’s because each home is surrounded by fields that are so well-kept. All I know is that I jogged a lot further than usual because I enjoyed the view so much.
  • Swimming! The kids made good use of the indoor pool and hot tub and spent hours playing in the fountains.
  • Really, really, sweet Amish people. I’ve had run-ins with the Amish in other areas before, and while they’ve always been very kind and courteous – in every case they seemed guarded and not overly-friendly. In this area, every Amish person we met was outgoing, friendly, and super-helpful. It could be that this area is more well-known by tourists, and the Amish here depend more on the money that tourism brings, but all the Amish we interacted with were very sweet.
  • Yummy Amish baked goods: Fry Pies & Caramel Puffs
  • It’s pretty funny timing, but we were in Amish country when we realized it was time for carwashes and oil changes on both of our vehicles. Amish Country. Like, where they don’t drive cars. Luckily we found an Amish (?!) car/RV wash company that came to our site to wash them both. And we found an Instant Oil Change facility within 30 miles that could do the oil changes on both vehicles. So we spent a day taking care of the cars, but the good news is that we are now ready for whatever the next 4,000 miles brings!