After we left Amish Country, we were looking for somewhere roughly 200 miles away to spend the night. A quick look at the map, a flip through our “Best Camprounds in America” book and a couple Yelp reviews later, we found the perfect spot: Sara’s Campground in Erie, PA. Erie wasn’t on our ” Must See” list, nor did it come by way of recommendation. It was just the right distance away, and was roughly on our route. And yet, it’s Mahmood says it’s his favorite campground so far! Here’s why:


  • We camped ON the beach. Like, right on the beach. We were about 20 yards from the water.
  • The weather was AMAZING. The lake was still and glassy in the morning, without a hint of wind. It was sunny and 70-80 degrees all day. Yes!
  • Prettiest sunsets I’ve seen yet – they say Lake Erie is known to have sunsets that rival Hawaii’s. I can attest – they were spectacular.
  • There’s nothing to do in Erie, and there’s nothing better than having nothing to do. We played with the kids for 2 days on the beach – collecting rocks, seaglass, and seashells. We colored on huge rocks with chalk. We threw rocks and sticks into the water and watched them roll in with the waves. It was glorious.
  • Presque Isle State Park – this beautiful peninsula stretches out into Lake Erie with gorgeous views and vegetation around every bend.

This was a really special place and we would have stayed longer, but we’re starting to get really excited about getting to the Northeast, so we’re moving on. Next stop, Finger Lakes in New York!