Just when we’ve gotten thoroughly adjusted to our new life on the road, we decided to shake it up with a trip to NYC. What a change from the life we’ve been living! We booked a hotel in Midtown (which ironically offered us less living space then we have in the motorhome), slept in a real bed (which was actually smaller than our bed in the motorhome), and spent our days “hiking” city streets instead of country trails.

Here are the highlights:

  • The train ride to NYC – we wound through the Adirondacks, along the Hudson river with spectacular views all along the way.
  • Central Park – the pedi-cab tour was a bust, but on our second day we rented bikes and had an awesome ride all around the park.
  • Times Square – we woke the kids up at 10pm to visit Times Square, they loved it! Of course, they were staying up super late, getting to meet (and take photos with) their favorite characters, and eating ice cream at midnight – what kid wouldn’t love it?!
  • Neela’s Leonardo DiCaprio moment – Neela told me that “it would be a dream come true” to see the statue of liberty – so we did!  The only thing better than the joy on her face at the sight of the statue was when Neela stood at the front of the ferry, leaning forward, hair flying in the wind, singing “God Bless America” as loud as she possibly could. Repeatedly. It was awesome 🙂
  • NY style pizza – the kids could not get enough, I think they can eat at least 3 slices each in one sitting!
  • NY Bagels. Every morning. Yum.
  • Neela and Esa’s song about NYC – something about the lights are always on, nobody sleeps, there’s always a party in NYC. They made it up and sang it throughout the streets, as loud as possible – I can’t believe they haven’t been recruited for Broadway yet…
  • Gyros from the gyro cart. Yum.
  • Meeting up with a friend for dinner at a good restaurant – indulging in a ridiculously large (and overpriced) steak and having great conversation that wasn’t interrupted by little ones. Haven’t done that in awhile!

But my absolute favorite highlight was the moment when we realized that our kids can do anything that we can do. They took the train, they took the subway, they walked for miles, and rode bikes with us around Central Park. We no longer have to worry about packing special “kid” food, or schedule our days around naps. I’m so excited for the adventures ahead with these kids!