We pulled in late to Burlington, and as we drove past car dealerships and strip malls, I was wondering if we were in the wrong Burlington – it didn’t look like the quaint, charming town that my friends had described. But as we settled in, the kids and I took a walk down to the beach just in time to catch one of the prettiest sunsets we’ve seen. The next day, we wandered into town and sure enough – Burlington captured our hearts and earned a spot on the “places we would live if we ever moved out of California” list. Here are our highlights:

  • Really gorgeous sunsets
  • Playing on the beach and swimming in Lake Champlain
  • Biking to town and hanging out on Church Street
  • The campground was right next to Burlington High School, and it was close enough that we could see the lights from the football field and hear the cheers – we wandered over just in time to rub elbows with the locals as we took in a varsity soccer game.
  • We really loved the vibe of this town – it was young, vibrant, and somewhat alternative. It reminded us both of a mix between Tahoe and Boulder. With the beautiful waterfront, cute downtown area, and laidback pace, this is one place we’ll return for sure.