I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah, and I finally got my chance! Our campground (Skidaway Island State Park) was amazing – a natural beauty filled with wetlands, meadows, and giant old trees with Spanish moss dangling from every branch. During our week here, we toured historic downtown Savannah, spent a lot of time playing with friends at the park, and even caught a couple of perfect days in Hilton Head, SC.

This was a special stop for us, because this is where we chose to celebrate both Halloween and Neela’s 6th birthday. We were only planning to stay for a few days, but wound up staying for a whole week!


  • Gorgeous scenery: Skidaway Island was really gorgeous, but it seemed that all around the area there were beautiful old trees with spanish moss – it really felt like we were stepping back in time.
  • Tybee Beach and lighthouse: the lighthouse tour was really cool – it was our first time in a lighthouse and the view from the top was awesome. We got to learn a bit about the history of Tybee Beach and then spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach while the kids played in the waves.
  • Historic Savannah: We loved the historic district in Savannah. We took a tour (in a horse-drawn buggy, of course!) throughout the downtown area which gave us a chance to learn a bit about Savannah (and all of it’s hauntings, of course). River Street was neat – we toured a tall ship and rode the free trolley from end to end.
  • Making friends at the campground: we met some very cool families at Skidaway – the kids passed the days playing with their new friends while we chatted it up with their parents, eating s’mores and getting recommendations for where to camp next. Neela even got to have a real birthday party, complete with balloons, a “purse” cake, and newfound friends singing her happy birthday.
  • Celebrating Halloween at the campground: Part of the reason we decided to stay at Skidaway Island was because they were hosting a “Falloween” event for families – it was a great way for the kids to enjoy Halloween. They had hayrides, crafts, games, and contests, and afterwards, all the kids went trick-or-treating through the campground. The kids had a blast, and we were happy that they got to enjoy Halloween.
  • Hilton Head Island: we decided to take a day trip to Hilton Head and agreed that Coligny Beach is the best beach we’ve ever visited. Miles of gorgeous shoreline, soft sand, and small easy surf made it perfect for the kids. And monarch butterflies – everywhere! Of course, it helped that we picked the warmest day of fall, so the weather was absolutely perfect – blue skies, no wind, with temps in the mid-80’s. We loved it so much that we wound up getting a hotel and staying for a couple days. The kids spent hours climbing in the trees, swimming in the hotel pool & playing ping pong while we enjoyed live music by the pool. We walked along the beach at sunset and were treated to the prettiest sunset we’ve seen since Lake Erie.
  • Esa’s bridge! On our way to Tybee beach, we saw a Georgia State highway sign that said “ESA.” Apparently it has something to do with the Endangered Species Act, but Esa insisted that it was his bridge 🙂
  • Lowlight: Bug bites! We never identified exactly what was biting us, but whatever it was – it was apparently starving.

After a week in Savannah, the weather was turning colder, so we headed to our next stop, Florida!