Much as we love traveling around the country, neither of us love spending long days actually driving. Because of that, we’ve limited our driving to around 150 miles (about 3 hours) on driving days, which works well for us and keeps the kids from going stir crazy. But all that changed last week when we found ourselves in Houston with just 3 days to get to Palm Springs (over 1400 miles away). You see, our friends had booked flights into Palm Springs for the weekend to meet us – so we just HAD to get there!

So… we prepared the motorhome for a couple days of driving. I made sure we had meals that were easy to make (and eat) on the go. I picked up activities to keep the kids busy. And luckily we had some nice scenery to help us pass the miles. All in all, we covered west Texas, New Mexico, and most of Arizona within 2 days, arriving in Phoenix for a quick visit with my aunt before we headed to Palm Springs. It was a heck of a lot of driving, but it went by quickly, and we found little ways to make it fun.


  • Rest stops! Every couple hours, we’d pull off at a rest stop to play football. In no time at all, Mahmood had the kids running routes, and they made some pretty awesome catches!
  • Motorhome activities: Every couple of hours, I’d give the kids a new activity to help pass the time and let them make a total disaster of the motorhome while we were driving. Legos, coloring books, activity books, games, karaoke, toy dinosaurs, stuffed animals, you name it.  And yes, of course they spent lots of time just looking out the windows. And when all else failed, they got the much-coveted “phone time”.
  • The scenery: it was awesome to see how the landscape changed between Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. We really enjoyed driving through Hill Country, Texas and it was cool to drive through El Paso, where the Mexican border is just 100 feet away. We took in beautiful skies and gorgeous rock formations in New Mexico, as well as Arizona.

By the way, if you want to know what motorhome karaoke looks like, it goes kind of like this: