After meeting up with friends in Palm Springs, we decided that we needed a few more days in the sunshine before heading back to San Francisco.  Unfortunately, after a few phone calls I learned that most of the RV parks around here don’t allow children! Thankfully we found an awesome spot in Indio called Indian Waters RV Resort that happily welcomed us and our kids, and it wound up being the absolute nicest campground we stayed in on this trip. We spent our days swimming, playing pickleball, doing crafts, and playing games like ladderball and the corn toss. We only planned to stay for 2 days – but with the great weather and all the fun activities, we ended up staying for 10 days, declaring Indian Waters our all-around favorite campground.


  • The people: hands-down, this was the nicest, most inclusive group of campers we have met on our entire trip. Everyone was friendly and made an effort to include us – whether it was for karaoke, crafts, or a game of pickleball, we always felt welcome and had a blast.
  • The resort itself: unlike most other RV “Resorts” we’ve seen, this one really is a resort, with 2 pools, hot tub, lighted pickleball courts, and activities planned throughout the day, every day (think pool volleyball, karaoke, crafts, line dancing, and just about anything else you can think of).
  • Waffles! Free waffles, made fresh to order. Every morning! I think I ate more waffles during our stay here than I’ve eaten in the past decade.
  • Pickleball! Before we arrived here, I had never heard of pickleball, but with some help from Brian & Lois, we learned to play quickly and wound up playing twice a day every day we were there.
  • Golf & Spa days: since we were in the land of golf courses (and gorgeous weather) Mahmood got to play a couple of PGA West courses, and I got to take my turn with a day at the spa (ahhhhhhhhh)
  • Crafts: with Robin and Kathi’s help, Neela got to sew a cute tote bag out of an old jean skirt and decorate it. Kathi even found a khaki skirt for Esa and made him a messenger bag to carry his toys!
  • Driving through the mountains: our drive through the Santa Rosa – San Jacinto Mountains was truly spectacular. I have never seen such a beautiful desert mountain range.

And now, one last stop in Northridge to visit my family, then we’re headed home!