We love San Diego, and we had planned to spend at least a week there during this trip, but with Christmas coming, we were running out of time quickly. Still, I couldn’t stand to be in Southern California without visiting my favorite place, so during our stay in Coachella Valley, we took a quick trip jaunt over the mountains to breathe the ocean air and catch up with friends.


  • Seeing friends: it was great to catch up with our friends, Jake & Ali, while Esa and Neela got to hang out with Jake’s son, Robby.
  • Poker: we had an awesome poker night – we couldn’t find any poker chips, so we used Robby’s math flashcards as chips for an epic game of all-in Texas Hold Em.
  • Sushi! We love sushi, and before this trip we would have sushi at least once or twice a week. But since we left home in August, we have only had sushi once, in New Hampshire. So, when we got to San Diego, we just HAD to get some good sushi. And we did. Twice!
  • Golf: Mahmood got to hit the links with someone he knows, for the first time since we left California.
  • Discovery Museum: When we first arrived in San Diego, we had a couple hours to kill, so we headed to the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum – it was a great hands-on play area and the kids loved it. Plus, Mahmood and I built some pretty awesome structures ourselves with the wooden blocks!

2 Days in San Diego wasn’t nearly enough time, and we didn’t get a chance to see everyone we wanted to see while we were there, but know we’ll be back before long 🙂