And just like that, we’ve made our last stop before heading home. From Coachella Valley, we headed to LA to visit my family in Northridge. We stayed with Grandpa Coke, and met up with Aunt Vicky, Uncle Rich, Uncle David, and Jonathan for dinner.


  • Backgammon – I haven’t played a game of backgammon in years, but decided (foolishly) to take on Gramps. Even though he went easy on me and gave me multiple opportunities, he totally creamed me!
  • To our surprise, we learned that David and Rich grew up in Erie, PA – one of our favorite stops on the trip. It was fun comparing notes about how Erie has changed over the last few decades.
  • Sadly, I somehow forgot to get a picture with the group at dinner, but I did manage to get a picture of us with Gramps before we left. As I broke out the camera, Gramps (who is 91 years old) said, “Oh, we’re going to take a selfie!” Now that’s a guy who’s current with the times!

After being on the road for so long, it was really nice to see family and catch up with everyone. From here on out, this rig is headed North to San Francisco.

I’ve been working on a final blog post to summarize this whole experience (how do you sum up 131 days on the road? I don’t know, but I’m going to try!) It will probably take me another week or so to complete it. Meantime, peace to you all, and I hope you’ve enjoyed riding along on this crazy adventure 🙂