It’s been 3 months since we returned from our trip and the re-entry has been… ummm…  challenging. Our decision to “screw the beaten path” was the best decision we’ve ever made, and yet in some ways it’s made our life harder because now we know what we’re missing.

Those long, expansive days with little to do. The moments of quiet and peace that appeared with much more frequency than they ever had in the past. A question from one of the kids that turned into an all-day discussion, just because there was no reason to stop answering all the follow up questions. The long talks under the stars because there was no TV to entertain us. Those long driving days where there was nothing to do except watch the scenery go by through the window. That feeling of having everything you need and everyone you love within an arm’s reach every day.

Some would say we’re back to regular life now – the kids are both in school and I’m back at work. But we have tried very hard to retain our “screw the beaten path” attitude by making choices to incorporate what we loved most about our trip into our daily life. For example, when we returned to California, instead of finding a home close to a BART station to make the commute to San Francisco easy, we chose to move to Stinson Beach (a small beach community located on Highway 1, about an hour north of San Francisco) because we wanted to wake up somewhere beautiful every day, just as we had done on our trip. And ohhhh, it is so beautiful here.

On our trip, we learned that we don’t always have to plan everything out. We never had a route or itinerary as we traveled around the country – instead, we found beautiful places, and stayed until we were excited enough about a new place to pack up and move. And that’s exactly what we’re doing now.

We’re just planning to go where happy leads us – and right now, happy is right here in Stinson Beach where we can walk on the beach every morning and watch the sun set each night.