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Living it up in Palm Springs for Mahmood’s Birthday!

After 3 monster days of driving (covering 1400 miles and 2 time zones) we finally made it to Palm Springs just in time to meet up with our friends! We ditched the motorhome for the weekend in favor of staying in the… Continue Reading →


One night in Phoenix

On the way from Houston to Palm Springs, we got to make a quick stop to visit family in Phoenix. Aunt Robin and Uncle Mike welcomed us with big hugs as well as milk & cookies. The kids had fun… Continue Reading →

Life on the road: crossing West Texas, New Mexico & Arizona

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Much as we love traveling around the country, neither of us love spending long days actually driving. Because of that, we’ve limited our driving to around 150 miles (about 3 hours) on driving days, which works well for us and… Continue Reading →

A Texas Thanksgiving

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Some places (like Door County or New England) we visit because we’ve always wanted to go there. Some places (like Hilton Head or Watkins Glen) we go because someone told us that it’s their favorite place. And some places (like… Continue Reading →


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Food. Music. Art. OMG it was so amazing that 3 nights wasn’t enough. After 3 nights, we decided we had to spend 3 more nights. And even then, we didn’t want to leave! Highlights The food!! We ate ourselves silly –… Continue Reading →

Heading West: Florida and the gulf shores

After the Bahamas, it was time for us to (finally) start heading west. We spent a couple last glorious days in Florida then we pointed towards the Gulf Shores just as a big arctic storm caused temps all around us to drop 25-30 degrees… Continue Reading →

Bahamas Part 2: Highlights and pix

We went from spending our days/nights in a motorhome to cruising around the Bahamas. If you want to know how crazy it is to spend 3 months in a motorhome and then step aboard a luxury cruise, check out this other post… Continue Reading →

Bahamas Part 1: Cruising versus camping

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Cruising or camping – which is your favorite? Why choose a favorite? I say do both. This past week we took a break from life in the motorhome to move into EVEN SMALLER quarters aboard Royal Carribean’s Majesty of the… Continue Reading →

Soaking up the sunshine in Florida

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I recently wrote about our approach to trip planning and how every destination we visit is someone’s favorite place. Throughout the country, we heard campers talk about a state park called Fort De Soto in Florida that was absolutely amazing – for a few,… Continue Reading →

Headed to the Bahamas!

We’ve been living it up in Florida for the past 9 days (don’t worry, highlights and pix will be coming soon.) Meanwhile, I was able to snag a super cheap last-minute cruise to the Bahamas so that’ll be our next… Continue Reading →

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